Raised and educated in Edmonton, Tracy Bishop has been well known in the local food community since 1985, when she opened the city's first trendy "must be seen there" eatery - The Commissary.

The Commissary's offerings were pure decadent desserts with various steaming hot lattes and coffees long before the coffee trends that we know today. The Commissary was well known for its high standards of freshness and consistency of providing a selection of "to die for" delicious homemade sweet desserts.

Now, years after the success of The Commissary, Tracy is once again treating customers to delightful desserts and snacks. Working independently out of her own gourmet bakery kitchen in south Edmonton, Tracy and her staff have resurrected her most celebrated desserts as well as healthy snack items.

As a life-long lover of sweet treats and healthy snacks, Tracy regularly spends time researching just the right recipes and ingredients for her positively addictive products. While products are currently available through a wide variety of retailers and specialty shops, Tracy is happy to provide sweet treats to individuals for special events, and businesses.
T. Bishop Bakery