Our gourmet snacks are hand-made from our own recipes in our Gourmet Bakery and Kitchen located in Edmonton, Alberta. We utilize all Canadian produced ingredients including the finest of Alberta Honey in our products. 

We offer a variety of products, and are always looking at introducing new, delicious options for your snacks, so check back to see where our culinary adventure is taking us! 

Please note that our products are produced in a facility where we use a variety of nuts and peanut butter. 

The Classic. Perfectly popped popcorn, roasted almonds, folded into chewy homemade caramel. Our very first product and everyone's favourite! 

The Healthy One. A delicious mixture of berries, seeds, nuts, oats, and wheat bran. Keeps you going all day! 

The Decadent One. Rich chocolate and crunchy peanut butter rolled in rice crispy layers. Say no more! 

The Tiny Treat. Dainty bite-sized cookies made from oatmeal, flaxseed, and dark chocolate chips. Addiction, very likely!


Snack of the Gods. An indulging blend of Brazil nuts, dates, fruit, and walnuts, blissfully baked to perfection. Treat yourself!

Can't get any better than this Original Tasty Treat! Our Crispy Rice Square will bring memories of your childhood back to you!

Another yummy classic! Enjoy delicious dark chocolate with crunchy wheat puffs. 

T. Bishop Bakery
3024- 106 Street
Edmonton AB  T6H 1R1
T. Bishop Bakery